Change of Heart

Have you ever changed your mind?

Have you ever changed your mind?

Well maybe it has something to do with the fact that I came down with what feels like the bubonic plague two days before Easter and spent the better part of Easter Eve in the Walk In… I dunno, but whatever it is, I sure did wake up feeling different today.

Maybe it’s the combination of the antibiotics, the inhaler, the Mucinex/Delsym for the chest congestion & couching, the Sudafed (to dry the fluid in my ears) the zinc lozenges, emergenC powder, the humidifier… all to treat the magic combination of Laryngitis and Bronchitis I have come down with.  All while being out of town visiting my mom for Easter (did I mention that part)?

So when I woke up I just had such a different take on things than I used to.  Normally I drink coffee all day long just about, and the day does not start until I have had a cup of Dunkins.  Not today… I wanted Green Tea.  Usually I watch Fox News, but today I started flipping through the channels and stopped on MSNBC, and you know what, I kind of liked it.  Now I know you guys might think I fell off my rocker when I tell you this but when I heard them talking about Obama and all the great things he is doing for our Country, I got to thinking… you know I don’t think he’s really that bad of a guy after all.

The next thing I usually do is workout, but today I just didn’t feel like it.  You know what, I kind of liked it.  It felt great to not “have” to workout.  Then I went on my facebook page and I saw all the equals signs in my newsfeed, and it got me to thinking again… maybe they have a point.  Why can’t gays get married?  I mean who are we to decide what God meant when he gave the Ten Commandments anyways?  I mean after all that was how many years ago?  Whose to say he hasn’t changed his mind?

Then I decided I wanted to hear some music and so I went to iTunes wanting to try something different and downloaded a Beyonce CD.  You know what… it was flipping Awesome!  I don’t know why I never cared for her before… I can’t believe I used to say that when she sang she sounded like a dying dead screeching off key cat.  Then someone emailed me a video from this week’s American Idol episode and I said what the heck, I’m going to click on it.  Now I’m hooked, I think that show is brilliant!  It’s just too bad I’m too old and can’t sing good enough to get on it.

After a while I felt like going outside for a bit of fresh air, and it occurred to me that Global Warming is so dangerous.  That Al Gore was so smart to alert us all to the horrors that are Global Warming and even the snow here in upstate NY is melting…  We really should do something about this, I mean make some more strict laws to protect the environment… Dontcha think?

By now if you have not figured out that Greek Girl is playing a Humungous April Fools joke on you, then I m sorry for scaring you.  No worries people, your favorite Greek Girl next door is still a Bible loving, Gun Rights Supporting, Constitution defending three percenter.  So if you ever hear me talking like that then either I fell down and hit my noggin Real Hard… or I got kidnapped and brainwashed.  Either way, hope you have a happy April Fools day!  Now lets pray Old Man Winter has died for the last time this year!

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀 xox

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