Hate to Say it but I Told You So

Like my fitness hero Tony Horton says "aging Schmading"...

Like my fitness hero Tony Horton says “aging Schmading”…

So I was scrolling on yahoo the other day when low and behold an article came up and I almost spit my hot cup of happiness a la Dunkins all over my macbook.  The title “6 Reasons Actresses Over 40 are Hotter Than Ever in Hollywood”  I was thinking “WOW finally someone in the entertainment industry is using their coconut”!  

I have always said that age is just simply irrelevant to talent.  If someone is 16 it does not make them more talented than someone who is 50.  In fact one could argue that if anything the 50 year old is more talented than the 16 year old because they have had that many more years to work on their craft.

As a female pursuing a career in entertainment for what seems like forever, I have had my fair share of run ins with people who are obsessed with numbers.  Which is simply ignorant.  All that matters is if you are legal to do the job you might be applying for and if you have the talent and or qualification for that position.  Not just in entertainment, but in all aspects of our every day life I see people who are discriminated against simply because of the day they were born.  There are people in their 60’s who have given up looking for a job simply because they get so discouraged after being passed over for younger candidates for so long.

People are all different.  We all have been born with our own unique talents and abilities and not one of us on this planet is the same.  Personally I think that is something to be celebrated.  Aging is inevitable, everyone is going to get to be 40, 50, or even a-gasp 65 one day…. even my little buddy Rebecca Black and yes even Justin Beiber.  Everyone ages differently especially based on lifestyle.  I’m Greek so I’m not worried, I’ve got the olive oil in my genes to keep me well preserved. ;o)

The question should be, does this person have the qualifications for the position they are going for?  Whether it is in entertainment or for a regular job.  If it is entertainment the question should be can this person sing, act or whatever it happens to be for, and are they marketable, do they look the part?  For a regular job same thing, does this person have the skills and knowledge to perform this job, period?  No one can control what opportunities they have had or not had in their life.  Just because someone has not yet had a legitimate proper “opportunity” does not mean they are not talented.  It just means it is not their time yet.

I say kudos to the actresses featured in this article and also to the millions of other people in the world out there who at some point in their life have had to battle age bias. This article is vindication that my theory is correct, “Age is irrelevant to talent” . 

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava 😀

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