Why It Is Important To Always Have Internet Access

Florida's Friendliest Non-Internet Hometown...

Well…. this is an obvious for so many reasons. No matter how much we may say we want to or would like to be able to unplug, lets face it, you really can not even really enjoy free time without having internet access. For me anyway, it is just that simple. We have become so connected to our technology.  That is unless you are Mr. Bricks and still using the AOL dial up internet from the free CD they sent in the mail, just sayin.

For the rest of us however, not so much. It’s a quaint little almost romantic thought to think things like:  hmmm I would love to spend the weekend reading a good book (I mean for crying out loud even books are electronic now), doing yard work (not so much for me on that one since I have to steer clear of the poison ivy/oak/sumack growing amuck in my yard – or go outside in a biohazard suit), not look at the multimedia cell phone, stay off of twitter, etc….  That is until you actually try it.

Check movie times…. Nope
Create playlist for road trip… Nope
Update facebook status… Nope
Read your favorite blog by Ava Aston… Nope
Get directions to the beach… Nope
Find out how to soothe a sunburn… Nope
Find a good restaurant… Nope
Find out what happened on your favorite reality show that you missed… Nope
Write a letter, oops I mean who does that anyway I mean send an email… Nope
Find out the weather of where you’re going before you go… Nope
Mobile banking… Nope
Get info about what the current Kohl’s promotion is… Nope
Share vacation photos with friends/family instantly… Nope
Take a pic of your dinner, so you can email it to Mr. Bricks and gross him out because it is so healthy… Nope

I mean think about it… just four short years ago being able to suf the web “on the go” meant using a blackberry which was not very fast with inet lets face it, or carrying your laptop with wifi around in your car and seeing how close you could get to a building to be able to log into an unsecured signal…. Me do that? I would never….
But to make sure I was still winning my latest Ebay auction treasure, you bet I did.

So even if you decide you want to give it up for a little bit, it really is not that realistic.
I mean unless you’re retired and living in a retirement community like “The Villages” in sunny south Florida.  Why on earth would you need internet access living there where the number one used mobile device is a golf cart?  I mean this place even has their own Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, grocery store, entertainment, golf course, post office, church, movie theatre, heck they even have a college for lifetime learning…. So I guess in this case, if you are retired and living some place like The Villages, you may not “need” internet.  For the rest of us living in the 21st century it’s just become a necessary part of life.

Have a blessed day & surf’s up (internet surfing that is) ;D
Ava  xox

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9 Responses to Why It Is Important To Always Have Internet Access

  1. frizztext says:

    I’m retired but I never would enter a location without internet access.
    would feel like in prison there. but I suppose, even in prison, there is internet access.
    but if there is one prison without internet access
    my today’s slogan is:

  2. Wow I’m strangely attracted to moving there one day 😉 Maybe we should open up a version for younger people! Anyway great post, it’s so true that we’re so used to the internet just being there now, very scary indeed 🙂

  3. wittybizgal says:

    Great post! Sometimes I wonder how I got along without it…I do have a hard time balancing my time online. You know, that ever present urge to check email and Facebook…but there’s no way I’d ever want to go back!

  4. That place sounds stunning! Is it really a retirement village?

  5. So true. I used to have to look up stuff in a printed encyclopedia–imagine that! “I’ll just google it” has become my phrase-of-the-day!

    Great post, Ava!

  6. Todd Pack says:

    I used to live in Orlando, so I can attest to the fact the Villages is absolutely huge. I’m surprised it’s not Internet friendly, though. You’d think all those grandparents would want to Skype with the grandkids. It was amazing how fast my parents moved into the 21st century, technologically speaking, once the grandkids came along.

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